“Aceites el Tilo” was born in the core of a humble family that has worked in the field and dedicated its life to the agriculture. Located in the Villuercas mountain range (Sierra de Villuercas, Caceres, Spain), where there is a huge olive oil tradition, the olive oil obtained from its grooves transmits all the love of the land cultivated by the Santos Diaz family.

On the banks of the Ibor River, the wildlife is enormous; the farm is frequently crossed by dears, boars and foxes. The company is named “el Tilo” due to the very old lime tree which has seen grow the olives grooves.

All the efforts and knowledge on the ground and the olives agriculture have been transferred from generation to generation, which has improved and refined the quality of our mono-varietal olive oil.



It all started in 2013, when Jaime Carlos Santos Barroso bought the 35-hectares orchard and 2000 olive trees over 50 years old. After one year, 7000 small olive trees of the Cornicabra variety were planted with an irrigated system implanted. In the farm there are another 30 hectares of Mediterranean forest with Iberian protected species such as juniper.

Exclusively Cornicabra olives are used for this exceptional product which makes an unique mono-varietal extra virgin olive oil. The harvest is performed around mid-November, exactly when the olives are in its optimum peak of maturity.


Our mono-varietal olive oil is of traditional style; with a fruity flavour, it has riper than green notes and hints of almonds and apples. In the mouth, it is a little sweet at the beginning, with a slight almond flavour, a noticeable bitterness and a bit less spicy.  The extra virgin quality of our oils makes them ideal for raw consumption, vinaigrette, maceration with aromatic herbs, garlic and as well as for daily cooking use.

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