Our company «Aceites El Tilo» was founded by a humble family who has always been dedicated to agriculture and olive cultivation in the Sierra de las Villuercas, in the province of Cáceres (Spain), where there is an ancient olive tradition. The oils obtained from their olive trees convey all the love that the Santos family has for the land that they have cultivated for generations.

In 2014, Jaime Santos Barroso expanded the original rain-fed olive grove of the “El Tilo” family farm with the planting of 7,000 olive trees of the same Cornicabra variety, with a drip irrigation system. Shortly after, together with his wife Maria Carmen and their sons Pablo and Jaime, they decided to venture on the commercialization of their early harvest oils, setting up the company “Aceites El Tilo” and the brand of the same name.


All the knowledge passed down from generation to generation, together with the modern cultivation and extraction technologies, have allowed us to obtain Cornicabra single-varietal oils, of high sensory quality and great healthy attributes, the result of the unique and incomparable natural environment of the Sierra de las Villuercas.

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