The Cornicabra is one of the most traditional and representative olive cultivars of Spain. However, it is one of the least known internationally. This variety is the most widespread in the central and western central zones of the country, from where it would originate.

Cornicabra olive trees are resistant to cold and drought, and adapt very well to poor and limestone soils.

Its medium-sized fruit is elongated and asymmetrical, with a very characteristic shape reminiscent of a horn, from which its name is derived.


This olive produces fruity, fragrant and aromatic oils; with bitter and pungent values ​​of medium intensity, result of its richness in minor components of high biological value.

The chemical composition of Cornicabra EVOOs shows a very high content of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid with high nutritional value, and a wealth of polyphenols -natural antioxidants-, among which oleocanthal, of great anti-inflammatory power similar to ibuprofen stands out. 

All this provides superior healthy attributes, great thermal stability and high resistance to oxidation, which translates into a long commercial life. 


The extra virgin olive oils from El Tilo come from olives of the Cornicabra variety, carefully cultivated on our family farm.

The olives are harvested in early November, when they begin to change color from green to purple At this state of ripeness, the oil is already fully formed and retains all its richness in natural antioxidants and other minor components, responsible for its healthy attributes and sensory characteristics.

The oil extraction is done in cold, 12 hours after its collection to keep all its qualities intact. El Tilo also markets early-harvest oils of the renowned Arbequina variety, from olives grown in a super intensive regime in the vicinity of the El Tilo farm. 


El Tilo Cornicabra features an olive green fruitiness of medium to high intensity, with notes of olive leaf and almond, and hints of green apple. Its taste is somewhat sweet at the beginning, followed by a pleasant and well-balanced bitterness and pungency of medium intensity, and a distinct green almond aftertaste. 

El Tilo Arbequina features a complex green fruitiness of medium to high intensity with delicate hues of ripe fruit like banana, almond and apple along with some herbaceous hints. Its taste is very sweet, bitterness is almost imperceptible, and pungency is very mild, and has distinct banana aftertaste.


The Premium quality of our extra virgin olive oils makes them ideal for consuming raw. They act as a condiment or flavoring, practically like a sauce, which enhances the flavor and texture of food and makes it more nutritious and digestible. However, it can also be used for roasting, frying, stir-frying, although some volatile aromatic compounds will evaporate in the heating process.

El Tilo Cornicabra, due to its robust sensory profile, is ideal to accompany foods with a defined or intense flavor, such as red meat, veal or rabbit, cured cheeses and some fish with a marked flavor such as cod. Also ideal as a dressing for green salads of bitter leaves, for the preparation of tomato sauces, gazpachos and salmorejos, marinades, pasta dishes or toasts with oil. It is also perfect for sprinkling on cooked or grilled vegetables such as aubergines, broccoli or green asparagus, and to finish, vegetables dishes and many other stews.

El Tilo Arbequina goes splendidly with foods with a light, delicate or sweet flavor: vegetables such as zucchini, peas or beets, fruit salads or fresh and soft cheeses; It is also very suitable for sprinkling on grilled or steamed white fish; also to make mayonnaise or to replace butter in the preparation of desserts, cakes, biscuits and other sweets.

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